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CONSCIOUS VISION: Video Wallpaper Pack for Android

CONSCIOUS VISION: Video Wallpaper Pack for Android


Conscious Vision

Unique Collection of 8 Digital Art Videos for Android Phones.

A nice and fun way to personalize your phone with vibrant animations.


Bring your phone to life!

Set these surprising animated lock screen wallpaper for your Android phone and experience beautiful vibrant eyes every time you open your device.

The collection contains both dynamic and quiet videos to suit everyone's taste.



  • These animated wallpapers will appear on the lock screen of your Android phone.
  • Currently, no iPhone version is available.
  • For personal use only. This purchase does not give you the right to use these images for commercial purposes.
  • No refunds unless a valid reason is given.




After downloading, unzip the videos on your phone.

Open Settings > Wallpaper & style > Gallery > ConsciousVisions Folder > Select one or more videos (press and hold to enable multi-select) > Set on lock screen.

Close and open the screen,

Enjoy! :-)


About the project:

These animations were designed for the digital art project ONA.

An immersive experience between a video game and an interactive movie, ONA allows you to travel the world to discover the quest of our Humanity.

Instagram of the project : @WizardMotion


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